My associates come out of a successful history of established industry leaders in themarketing, advertising, design, and public relations industries. The management team draws from a long history of working with client companies around the globe.

Michael Burzynski
Mike provides strategic direction and marketing know-how gained through more than thirty years of experience in the advertising and marketing business. His expertise is centered on helping companies focus their marketing efforts to take advantage of their product serive, and market strengths. He has developed both global and domestic marketing strategies that encompass; market research, product positioning, channel development, organization of sales and marketing departments, new product development and evaluation procedures, test marketing and new product launch planning.

As a consultant, he has developed a variety of programs that include market research, corporate branding, positioning, and advertising. From 1996 to 1988, he was co-founder and Vice President of Marketing of Technology's Edge, a California franchisor of independant computer resellers and consultants.

For almost two decades prior to Technology’s Edge, Mike was the President and founder of Intermark Communications, an advertising agency focusing on business-to-business marketing. The clients he worked with included computer manufacturers, computer resellers, software publishers, computer component manufacturers, and a wide variety of non-computer industry companies such as copier companies, opthalmic companies, scientific instrument manufacturers, cable television systems, and financial services.

Burzynski was also a co-founder of The Creative Department, Inc., a Rochester, New York-based graphic design firm, where he served as vice president and creative director. He began his career as instructional assistant and supervisor of the Media Design Center in the department of communication design at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

Mike earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in communication design from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has also served as part-time instructor of advertising and graphic design at California State University, Fullerton.

Bob Castle
Strategic Marketing
Bob brings extensive executive experience in founding and building technology businesses. His expertise in formulating and executing concept articulation, capital acquisition, product development, marketing and sales strategy, as well as organization planning, and financial/industry relations for public and private businesses provides a depth of experrtise not generally found in a marketing consultancy.

Bob has over 30 years experience managing information and telecommunications start-ups focusing on world-wide marketing, sales and general management. He’s built companies that became market innovators and leaders in their product categories including video conferencing, document-image processing, and metro optical networks. Over the past 13years, Bob has served as CEO and Founder of Coriolis Networks, Inc., in Boxborough, Massachusetts, the CEO and President, of VideoServer Corporation, Burlington, Massachusetts, and as Senior VP, World-wide Marketing, at FileNet Corporation in Costa Mesa, California.

Pragmatic, strategic focused, and process oriented – Bob’s executive experience adds a unique dimension to creative marketing and technology innovation to build customer value and profitability.

Bob earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Michigan.

Janet Roberts
Public Relations and Analyst Relations
Janet has 25 years of experience, shared between the areas of marketing communications and software engineering. Her combined talents complement each other extremely well and have enabled her to be very effective in marketing both high-tech and consumer products and services. She has strong communication, writing, and organizational skills.

Most recently, Janet has assisted companies such as Cimnet Systems, Web4, Chicago Interface Group, etc. with their strategic marketing analysis, advertising, and technical literature. She has also been working as a public relations account executive for companies such as International Rectifier, TDK Semiconductor, iSuppli, Texas Instruments, ITT Jabsco, etc.

Janet previously held the position of Manager of Marketing Communications at MicroSim Corporation, a software company in the Electronic Design Automation industry. She was responsible for strategic marketing planning, product and company positioning, and the development and implementation of all marketing communication activities.

Janet earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Quantitative Business Analysis from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, California). She has also pursued subsequent graduate studies in marketing communications and software engineering.

Annemarie Osborne
Annemarie has a broad range of talents and experience in public relations, marketing, communications, event, video, and television production. Educated both in Germany and the U.S., she has a bi-lingual, bi-cultural background, and has worked extensively in the international arena. Recently, she resided in Austria, where she served as associate producer of the Special Olympics World Winter Games.

Annemarie has produced a variety of marketing videos and television commercials, as well as educational, documentary, and training programs for domestic and international clients. Programs currently in distribution include the award winning PBS special Future Schools: Connected to the World, featuring George Lucas; Internet World Live, a program about Net applications and trends, and New Directions, a program about health, technology, environment, and lifestyles as we transition to global society.

An active member of the Arts and Entertainment Council of the United Nations, Annemarie continues to develop and produce programs for various agencies of the United Nations.

Annemarie holds a bachelor's degree in German Literature and Humanities from the University of Minnesota and pursued advanced studies in Literature at the Free University of Berlin.

Jack Oliver
Electronic Media Design and Production
Jack is my expert in electronic media design encompassing everything from web sites to interactive media. His understanding and knowledge of changing technologies enables me to provide innovative solutions using today’s media of choice.

Jack has over 30 years art direction and production experience in advertising, sales promotion, and corporate communications for accounts in a wide range of industries including: pharmaceutical, consumer products, and high-technology.

A recipient of numerous graphic design awards, Jack earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

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