The success of a product, service or brand depends upon the application of sound marketing principles and great creative concepts. That’s where I can help. For years I have worked with large and small companies in a broad range of industries.

Whatever your marketing needs may be, I will give you the necessary expertise and service you require – from marketing consulting to strategic planning, copywriting to ad development, media management to audiovisual production, dealer programs to promotions and incentives. In short, we are ready to work with you to satisfy all of your marketing requirements.

There are many ways in which I can work with you to establish a consulting relationship. In the past, I have set-up relationships in each of the following ways:

As a marketing consultant, I research and evaluate markets, create an understanding of the competitive dynamic, and then create strategic marketing plans to position a company and it’s products to be successful in the environments they compete in.

As a public relations agent, I create programs that integrate both industry analysts and editors to position the company in the minds of those people who have the greatest influence in driving purchase decisions in any given industry.

As a marketing communications specialist, I use my formal training as a graphic designer to translate an organization’s marketing objectives into relevant visual communications that engage the viewer and give them the tools they need to make informed purchase decisions.

As acting vice president or director of marketing, I work with companies to build their marketing organizations from the ground up, while crafting the materials they need to move their companies forward.

As integrator, I try to understand what makes us tick and how we can better work together to create communications that supercede our individual talents, to make companies more successful.

I view my relationship with my clients as a partnership. My success is directly tied to theirs. I pride myself on my responsiveness to client needs, and my willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Marketing Partnership

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