Effective marketing communications begin with research, analysis and the development of an integrated plan. Each component of a marketing communications plan is designed to reinforce all of the other components. For example, public relations supports advertising; advertising supports direct mail; direct mail supports special promotions and trade shows. We design all of our communications programs with consistent messages that establish the brand and positioning of the product in the mind of the end user. Ultimately, our objective is to positively influence purchasing decisions.

Corporate Communications Capabilities:
• Annual Reports
• Promotional Literature
• Catalogs & Brochures
• Newsletters & Company Magazines
• Corporate/Industrial Videos

Sales Promotion
• Packaging Design
• Product Development
• New Product Introductions
• Point of Sale
• Direct Response
• Dealer/Distributor Programs
• Sales Presentations & Videos

Trade Shows
• Exhibit Design
• Audience Evaluation
• Demonstrations
• Multi-Media Presentations

Management & Sales Seminars

• Sales Training
• Product Education
• Logistics Coordination
• Corporate Presentations

Environmental Design
• Demo Room Design
• Architectural Graphics
• Product Displays


Direct Marketing

Marketing Communications

Corporate Identity



Public Relations